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Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST)———–Wuhan, China (Sep.2016 – Jun.2020)

  • B.Eng in School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  • Major: Electrical Engineering and Automation.

The University of Sydney———–Sydney, Australia (Jul.2018 – Aug.2018)

  • Young Leaders Program: Empirical Security, Block Chain and Machine Learning (Non-credit).



Research Experience

Object Detection of Five Categories, Wuhan———–Mar.2019 – May.2019

  • Studied different object detection models including RCNN, Faster RCNN and Mask RCNN. Labeled a dataset of five categories and deployed the dataset to train YOLO V3.
  • Improved model performance on detecting small objects.
  • Concluded the project by writing a blog on GitHub.

Large Building Energy Saving IoT System, Team Leader, Wuhan———–Mar.2017 – Mar.2018

  • Developed an IoT system with lights and other electrical applicants automatically controlled by sensors and remotely controlled on mobile end.
  • Built an electrical system model, using Intel Edison Board as core processor and Arduino Board as assistant processor. Designed a local network for the system with C and HTML.
  • Wrote midterm report and conclusion report. Passed the defense of school committee.

Project Experience

Toy Project: Image Classification on MNIST Dataset, Wuhan———–Feb.2019 – Mar.2019

  • Classify digits using CNN, LeNet and AlexNet, add Mixup to improve and compare.

AAFIE AI Lab, Distance Education from California———–Aug.2018 – Jan.2019

  • Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Machine Learning and Computer Vision (Three credits).